Arbor Demon

Alternate/Foreign Title: Enclosure [Original title]

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2017-04-18

Genre: Horror

Sub-genre: Drama

Director: Patrick Rea

Stars: Fiona Dourif, Kevin Ryan, Jake Busey, Rob Bouton, Bruce Williamson, Michelle Mills

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: Dana and Charles are always ready for their next adventure, but a camping trip introduces them to a dangerous, unknown threat. Dana is pregnant, but keeps it a secret. She is drawn to a spot in the woods and convinces Charles to enjoy a weekend in the wilderness. The couple's first night camping is interrupted by rowdy hunters, taunting them outside their tent. Then, the hunter's campground is viciously attacked. Through the limiting view of their binoculars, Dana and Charles watch the violent incursion. They know they need to leave before they are next. Before they can, that unknown thing approaches their tent. But, it does not attack. It watches them from the distance. He believes the being is not attacking because she's pregnant. The hunter tries to use Dana to plan his escape, injuring Charles in the process. His efforts are foiled. They tie him up and leave him outside the tent. He escapes. It's up to Dana to fight for her life and outwit the hunter and creatures.     Source:

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