Never Say Macbeth

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2008-08-26

Genre: Comedy

Director: C.J. Prouty

Stars: Ilana Turner, Alexander Enberg, Joe Tyler Gold, Tania Getty, Michael Gabiano, Mark Deklin, Luis de Amechazurra, Ian Kerr

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: Danny Teller, a high school science teacher, shows up at auditions for Macbeth trying to get his girlfriend back. But the director mistakes Danny's story of love for a passionate acting monologue, and casts him as Witch #1. More comfortable with spacecraft than stagecraft, Danny struggles with rehearsals, and incurs the wrath of the cast when he breaks the cardinal rule of acting by saying "Macbeth" in the theatre. That's when things get weird. Lights fall, fruit floats, and freaky ghosts start singing show tunes. Danny teams up with a new-age actress, a tough Italian self-help guru, and a sci-fi obsessed stage manager to save the actors and his ex-girlfriend from the curse of Macbeth.   Source:

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