Illegal Aliens

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2007-05-01

Genre: Comedy

Sub-genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Director: David Giancola

Stars: Anna Nicole Smith, Chyna, Lenise Sorén, Gladise Jiminez, Patrick Burleigh, Dennis Lemoine, John James, Kevin McGuire, Michael J. Valentine

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: Forget about terrorists...Stop worrying about natural disasters...Now we are really in for it! "Charlie's Angels" goes sci-fi, with a touch of "Men In Black" thrown in for good measure, when three aliens morph into super-hot babes and arrive to protect the earth from the intergalactic forces of evil. Guided by Syntax, their holographic mentor, these Illegal Aliens are willing to use every trick in their datebook...and every sexy outfit in their accomplish their mission! "Illegal Aliens" is filled with high-energy action, lowbrow spoofs and the high-camp acting reminiscent of the classic B-Movie else could this film get away with Anna Nicole Smith saving the world?     Source: Edgewood Studios

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