Sucker Punch (2011b)

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2011-10-18

Genre: Action/Adventure

Director: Malcolm Martin

Stars: Gordon Alexander, Antonio Fargas, Ian Freeman, Tom Hardy, Tamer Hassan, Janet House, Danny John-Jules, Jimmy Kent, Joe Long, Lisa Nash, John Pyle, Kara Scott

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: Harley, a flashy and smooth-talking illegal fight promoter with a weakness for gambling, uses his seemingly unbeatable new client to take down the top fighter of Victor Maitland, Harley's proud and successful rival. The victory is short-lived, however, when Victor buys Harley's steep debt from a local loan shark. Now, Harley is looking at dire consequences unless he agrees to pit his mysterious client against a formidable opponent that Victor had imported from out of town. Malcolm Martin wrote and directed this brutally dark comedy.     Source:

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