The Sandlot: Heading Home

Alternate/Foreign Title: The Sandlot 3 [Original title]

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2007-05-01

Genre: Family

Sub-genre: Comedy

Director: William Dear

Stars: Luke Perry, Danny Nucci, Sarah Deakins, John Kruk, Samuel Patrick Chu, Keanu Pires, Chauncey Leopardi, Brandon Olds, Cole Heppell, Kai James, Ryan Drescher, Cainan Wiebe, Meshach Peters

MPAA Rating: PG

Synopsis: A self-absorbed slugger whose egotistical attitude threatens to bring the whole team down gets a second chance at learning the value of teamwork in the third installment of the kid-friendly Sandlot series. Tommy Santorelli (Luke Perry) is a Major League Baseball star whose impressive stats have gone to his head. One day, while stepping up to the plate for another home run hit, Tommy is beamed by a speeding fastball that knocks him clean unconscious. Awakening to discover that he has been mysteriously transported back to the scrappy sandlot where he first discovered his love of the game, 12-year-old Tommy is forced to work with his fellow players to save their favorite diamond from unscrupulous real-estate developer Earl Needman (Paul Jarrett). If Tommy's ragtag team can beat Needman's formidable group of miniature super-athletes, the sandlot will be theirs fair and square; if Tommy and company lose the game, however, they can kiss their favorite place to run the bases goodbye forever. When Tommy is offered the opportunity to pursue his own interests by joining Needman's team and getting a shot at the big leagues, he struggles to choose between personal advancement and the best interests of the team.     Source: Fox

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