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Aug 17

Scarlett Johansson is highest-paid actress of 2018: Forbes

In this April 23, 2018 file photo, Scarlett Johansson arrives at the world premiere of "Avengers: Infinity War" in Los Angeles (image courtesy Invision / AP)


Scarlett Johansson has topped the Forbes list of Hollywood's best-paid actresses.

The Avengers: Infinity War star reportedly earned US$40.5 million in the past year, according to magazine bosses, to romp past Angelina Jolie, who is a distant second on the list with $28 million, thanks largely to her Maleficent 2 salary.

Brad Pitt's other former wife, Jennifer Aniston, is third, while Jennifer Lawrence, who was crowned the top earner in 2015 and 2016, and Reese Witherspoon complete the top five.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot is the only new name on the list at 10 - she replaces last year's number one, Emma Stone, who has dropped out of the top flight.

The combined earnings of the top 10 women this year is $186 million, up 8% on last year's tally.

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Aug 16

James Gunn Will Not Be Brought Back To Direct Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

James Gunn (left) on set with Michael Rooker (as Yondu) [image courtesy Marvel / Disney]

by Eric Eisenberg

In the weeks since James Gunn was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, there has been a lot of discussion about the permanence of the situation. Not only has there been a great deal of fan support urging Disney to reverse their decision, but the entire cast of the Marvel series signed an open letter supporting Gunn. As a result, there has been hope among fans that Gunn would be rehired - but according to a new report, it looks as though those hopes have been dashed.

A new report from Variety has the latest update on the situation with James Gunn, and the trade is saying that Disney and Marvel are sticking with their decision to fire James Gunn because of offensive tweets the filmmakers posted a decade ago. According to the new report, there was a recent meeting between Gunn and Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn, and the ultimate decision from the exchange is that the writer/director will not return to take the helm of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Apparently, James Gunn has been negotiating to try and get his job back after being let go in late July, and Alan Horn agreed to meet with the filmmaker earlier today. The story adds that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was not in town for the meeting, and contrary to some rumors to the contrary, he stands behind the studio's decision to not give Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 back to Gunn.

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Aug 15

Looks Like The Simpsons Movie 2 Is Finally Happening

by Dirk Libbey

Ever since The Simpsons made their first jump to the big screen there has been talk of a potential sequel, now it looks like the follow-up is actually happening. While the future of 20th Century Fox isn't entirely clear, as the merger with Disney gets underway, the film studio has decided to make a move to partner with its own television arm when it comes to producing animated films, and one of the projects in development is a second Simpsons Movie.

The original The Simpsons Movie came out in 2007 back when The Simpsons animated series was still short of its 20-year anniversary. Now, on the verge of the show's 30th birthday, it seems that we might get a second movie. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a sequel is "in development" as part of a collection of Fox animated motion pictures that would include big screen outings for both Bob's Burgers and Family Guy as well.

The decision to get Fox TV's animated series up on the big screen comes on the heels of an animation deal with Dreamworks Animation that has expired, and now that Comcast, the company that lost the bidding war over Fox to Disney, now owns the studio, Fox needed to do something else in order to keep animated films coming. Working internally certainly makes a lot of sense.

If you're still a fervent Simpsons fan, then this is fantastic news. However, while The Simpsons is still a popular series, many would argue that it doesn't have quite the fire it once did. It certainly makes one wonder what the appetite for a Simpsons Movie sequel would be. The first one was certainly good, and there's no reason a sequel couldn't be just as good, but I'm not sure I see people running to the theater to check this one out.

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Aug 14

To fend off Netflix, movie theatres try 3-screen immersion

In this photo taken on Aug. 9, 2018, a trailer shows a car speeding through traffic as part of a demonstration for ScreenX at Cineworld in London (image courtesy AP)

by Robert Stevens, The Associated Press

Sit at the back of the movie theatre, and it's possible to see the appeal of ScreenX, the latest attempt to drag film lovers off the sofa and away from Netflix.

Instead of one screen, there are three - one at the front, and two on the sides - to add to the immersive experience you can't get from the home TV.

First adopted in South Korea in 2012, the system is being launched in the U.K. and theatre chain Cineworld plans to add over 100 new screens to the worldwide count of 151.

The technology is the latest attempt by cinema operators to attract film viewers amid the growing popularity of online subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. They've ranged from 3D screens launched almost a decade ago to ultra-high resolution IMAX projectors and 4DX - which features moving chairs and real-life special effects like snow falling on the audience.

The focus on innovation has helped in the past. Since 3D was popularized at big cinema theatres in 2009 with the release of films like James Cameron's "Avatar," revenue has grown. Global box office revenue has increased by US$14.4 billion in the past decade to $40.6 billion, according Motion Picture Association of America.

But that growth seems to be fading and movie theatres are being overtaken by internet video. Revenue from internet video like Netflix is forecast to be the fastest growing part of the entertainment and media industry through 2021, according to consultancy PwC. Its estimated annual growth of 6 per cent compares with a projected annual drop in cinema of 1.2 per cent.

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Aug 13

Ruby Rose Deletes Twitter Account After Backlash Over Batwoman Casting

Some think that Ruby Rose (pictured) isn't "gay enough" to portray Batwoman (image courtesy Getty)

by Brent Furdyk

When The CW announced that Ruby Rose will be portraying Batwoman in a special crossover event of its various superhero shows, some fans celebrated the actress being cast as the first openly gay superhero.

Others, however, took to social media to gripe about Rose portraying the comic-book character, with complaints running the gamut from her acting ability to others that she’s not gay enough (Rose has come out as gender fluid, while Batwoman is a strict lesbian), among various other criticisms.

The backlash apparently became so nasty that the former "Orange Is the New Black" actress decided to deactivate her Twitter account.

Previously, Rose expressed nothing but excitement over the casting news, taking to Instagram, to admit being an "emotional wreck" over being able to fulfill her "childhood dream" of playing the lesbian superhero.

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Aug 12

Weekend Box Office: 'The Meg' Has Surprisingly Huge Bite With $44.5M U.S. Debut

'The Meg' shark flick takes a big bite out of the weekend Box Office (image courtesy Warner Bros.)

by Pamela McClintock

For the third summer in a row, the shark movie has made a comeback.

Warner Bros.' The Meg blew past all expectations in its North American debut over the weekend, swimming to $44.5 million from 4,118 theaters, the biggest opening of all time for a live-action shark pic - not adjusted for inflation - and riding the wave of success enjoyed by 47 Meters Down (2017) and The Shallows (2016). The Meg also marks the studio's biggest opening of the year to date, supplanting Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One ($41.8 million) and Ocean's 8 ($41.6 million).

The big-budget movie is also showing strength overseas. China's Gravity Pictures, which put up a significant portion of the budget, is handling distribution duties in the Middle Kingdom, where The Meg debuted to $50.3 million for a total foreign launch of $96.8 million and a global tally of $141.3 million. Imax turned in $13.6 million, with more than half coming from China ($7 million).

The pic's showing in North America was particularly good news for Warner Bros. and Gravity, which paid at least $150 million to produce the long-in-the-making film (the studio says the net budget was $130 million), which was directed by Jon Turteltaub. The Meg still isn't out of danger in terms of making its production and marketing costs back.
The Meg easily came in No. 1, while Mission: Impossible - Fallout fell to No. 2 in its third weekend with $20 million from 3,888 theaters for a pleasing domestic total of $162 million for Paramount and Skydance. Fallout took in another $38.4 million overseas for a foreign tally of $275.6 million and a global haul of $427.6 million. (It will soon catch up to the last film in the series, 2015's Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation.)

Disney holdover Christopher Robin came in at No. 3 in its second weekend with $12.4 million for a domestic tally of $50 million and $62.1 million globally. (The Winnie-the-Pooh pic is rolling out slowly offshore.)

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Aug 12

No, Idris Elba Isn't In Talks For James Bond

by Corey Chichizola

As far as film franchises go, there are few as long running and iconic as the James Bond movies. Starting with 1962's Dr. No, there have been quite a sum of actors who have taken on the role of Ian Fleming's famed 007. Daniel Craig will be completing his tenure as Bond with the untitled 25th movie, so the franchise will soon have to find a replacement to take on the playboy with a license to kill. There have been a ton of names tossed around over the past year or so, with actor Idris Elba being one of the most common choices. A recent rumor indicated Elba might have been in talks to play the character, but it turns out those were false. A tabloid reported Equalizer director Antoine Fuqua spoke with Bond head honcho Barbara Broccolini about Idris Elba playing 007. Now Fuqua's team is setting the record straight, with a rep recently quoted saying:

He never had a conversation with Barbara about the franchise or about any casting. It's all made up stuff. Not sure how it got started.

Well, that certainly puts that to rest. While Idris Elba will likely continue to rank on everyone's dream James Bond list, it doesn't seem that there are any talks happening between the actor and Barbara Broccolini's team. At least for now.

This comment, which comes to us from THR, may be disappointing for everyone hoping the Thor and The Wire actor might be sipping martinis and kicking ass in a future James Bond flick. The report also indicated that Idris Elba's team didn't have any knowledge of talks, further putting an end to any excitement about the possible casting news.

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Aug 11

Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth 'Star Trek 4' Future In Doubt as Talks Fall Through

Chris Hemsworth (left) and Chris Pine have both exited talks for "Star Trek 4" (image courtesy Getty)

by Borys Kit

Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth are no longer boldly going where no person has gone before.

The two actors were in negotiations to star in Star Trek 4 but sources say that talks between the two actors and the companies making the new installment, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media, have fallen apart, with both sides walking away from the table.

Dealmaking with other returning castmembers - including Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and John Cho - was expected to follow.

Pine was due to reprise his role as iconic sci-fi hero Captain Kirk, which he has inhabited for three movies, while Hemsworth was to have played his father in a time-traveling adventure. (Hemsworth played the role in the prologue in the 2009 movie that rebooted the franchise.)

The deal points came down to the usual suspect: money. Pine and Hemsworth, among Hollywood’s A-list when starring in DC or Marvel movies, are said to be asking the studios to stick to existing deals. Paramount, according to insiders, contends that Trek is not like a Marvel or Star Wars movie and is trying to hold the line on a budget.

The actors, according to sources, insist they have deals in place and that the studios are reneging on them, forcing them to take pay cuts as they try to budget a movie that is following a mediocre performer.

Pine, at least, has had a deal in place for several years. The actor, now a key player in the Wonder Woman franchise, signed up for a fourth movie when he made his deal for 2016's Star Trek Beyond. Hemsworth has been attached to Trek 4 since Paramount, then run by the previous regime headed by Brad Grey, announced the fourth installment in 2016, although his exact status remains murky.

The studio, however, is backing its budget tough talk with past performance numbers. The last movie, Star Trek Beyond, grossed only $343 million worldwide on a budget of $190 million. In fact, one insider says the companies lost money on the movie.

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Aug 10

TIFF 2018: Halloween, Predator sequels to premiere in Toronto

Jamie Lee Curtis (left) returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode in 'Halloween', while the Predator returns in 'The Predator' (images courtesy Universal / 20th Century Fox)

by Mark Daniell

The Toronto International Film Festival is going to get bloody.

Toronto audiences will be among the first to see director David Gordon Green's highly anticipated Halloween reboot and Shane Black's Predator sequel as part of TIFF's Midnight Madness program.

In addition to an already-announced stacked lineup of films that includes Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's A Star is Born, Viola Davis' heist-thriller Widows, Timothee Chalamet's Beautiful Boy, Ryan Gosling's First Man, and Xavier Dolan's The Life and Death of John F. Donovan, the annual event will also include the world premiere of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 11/9, a radical and humorous snapshot of life in Donald Trump's America.

Halloween finds Jamie Lee Curtis returning to the role that made her a star in what is being billed as a direct sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 original.

"David Green and myself came up with a take that we thought was worthy of following that classic horror film and we went and pitched it to John Carpenter and he dug it," co-writer Danny McBride previously told the Sun. "He's excited by it and he's given us his seal of approval."

The Predator comes 31 years after the 1987 original and promises a storyline that connects to sequels, which came out in 1990 and 2010. It follows a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers (led by Boyd Holbrook) and a disgruntled science teacher (played by Olivia Munn) as they band together to fight off the deadly Predators after a young boy (Room's Jacob Tremblay) accidentally summons them back to Earth.

"It's a standalone Predator film, but it lives in the same world as all the other Predator films," Munn told the Sun in an interview last year. "It's really great because we get to see what happens as these aliens evolve and change. They've gotten smarter and stronger and people are going to see that."

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