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Documentary films have been around for decades as a form of movie, but it has only been in the last ten or so years where they have found their way into the mainstream. This article will take a look at the definition and evolution of documentary films.

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Oct 23

Box Office: 'Boo! A Madea Halloween' Scares Off Tom Cruise's 'Jack Reacher' With $27.6M

by Pamela McClintock

In a late October surprise, Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween easily scared off Tom Cruise's sequel Jack Reacher: Never Go Back to win the weekend box office race with a stellar $27.6 million from 2,260 North American theaters.

Never Go Back followed at No. 2 with $23 million from 3,780 theaters in what box-office observers describe as a decent start even if it lost to Madea Halloween, a needed win for Lionsgate and Perry's best showing in six years as a director. The comedy-horror spool originated from a fake Madea movie featured in Chris Rock's Top Five, and nabbed an A CinemaScore from audiences.

Perry's film, which also stars Bella Thorne, Diamond White and Cassi Davis, follows Perry's popular Madea character as she spends a haunted Halloween fending off killers, paranormal poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls and zombies while keeping a watchful eye on a group of misbehaving teens.


Like A Madea Halloween, Universal and Blumhouse Productions' Ouija: Origin of Evil also decided to open ahead of Halloween weekend.

The supernatural horror prequel placed No. 3 with $14.1 million from 3,167 theaters after costing less than $9 million to make. However, it came in well behind the $19.9 million debut of the first Ouija in 2014, but hopes to be scare up strong business through Halloween since there are no other horror movies opening.

Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes and Hasbro, maker of the classic board game Ouija, are also partners on the film. Directed by Mike Flanagan, the film is set in 1967 in Los Angeles where a widowed mother and family fake seances as part of a scam for a living.

Returns were grim for the weekend's fourth new nationwide offering, Fox 2000's Keeping Up With the Joneses.

The $40 million comedy bombed with $5.6 million from 3,022 theaters, the tenth-worst debut of all time for a title going out in more than 3,000 theaters, according to Box Office Mojo. Keeping Up With the Joneses certainly isn't lacking in pedigree. Produced by Laurie MacDonald and Walter Parkes, the comedy was directed by Greg Mottola and stars Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher, Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot.

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Oct 22

Donald Glover to play Lando Calrissian in Han Solo spin-off Star Wars film

Comedian Donald Glover to play the young Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo spin-off film (image courtesy Getty)

By Suchandrika Chakrabarti

Donald Glover has been cast as the young Lando Calrissian in the much-anticipated next Star Wars film, which will look at the early life of smuggler Han Solo.

Legendary entertainer Billy Dee Williams played Calrissian in the original. The character started out as a city administrator, and, after meeting up with his old pal Han Solo in Cloud City rose to become General of the Rebel Alliance.

The question everyone's asking: will the famous card game where Calrissian lost the Millennium Falcon to Solo feature?

The movie doesn't have an official title yet, but will tell the story of a young Han Solo, played by Alden Ehrenreich, before he joined the Rebel Alliance, in the era known to Star Wars fans as the "Dark Times," the heart of the Empire's rule between episodes III and IV.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are directing the film, with a script by Lawrence Kasdan and son John Kasdan.

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Oct 21

'Jack Reacher 2': Why Paramount and Tom Cruise Bet on a Risky Sequel

Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders in a still from 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' (image courtesy Paramount)

by Pamela McClintock

With the new sequel Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions are hoping to establish a mid-range franchise showcasing Tom Cruise's action skills. But as the $60 million movie opens this weekend in North America and more than 40 foreign markets, including China, it's a risky gamble.

The first Jack Reacher, which hit theaters in December 2012, wasn't considered a huge win when earning $218.3 million worldwide. At the time, Paramount insiders said the $50 million film would have to gross $250 million globally to warrant a follow-up.

When the studio reviewed the numbers, though, it decided there was potential upside in the Jack Reacher character, an American ex-military policeman and drifter created by Lee Child in a series of popular, macho novels. The movie did brisk business in the home entertainment market, signaling that consumers liked Cruise in the role.

And while the first film topped out at $80 million domestically, it established a real foothold overseas, where it grossed $138.3 million. (Generally speaking, Cruise remains a far bigger star offshore than he is in the states, especially in growing Asian markets.)

If there's a model that Paramount is hoping Jack Reacher could emulate it's Fox's Taken franchise, starring Liam Neeson as another two-fisted action hero. In 2009, the first Taken collected $81.8 million abroad; Taken 2 followed with $236 million from foreign markets; and then Taken 3 took in another $237.2 million overseas.

Still, some have wondered why Cruise, who headlines Paramount's Mission: Impossible series, would want to spend some of his own star capital on a similar, if less flashy, action franchise. Theorizes box-office analyst Paul Dergarabedian, "Cruise is one of the few actors working today that could pull off a simultaneous franchise double feature with two action-oriented characters. Both franchises showcase different sides of his butt-kicking, take no prisoners nature. Audiences who are waiting for the next Mission: Impossible movie can get their Cruise action movie fix with Reacher."

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Oct 21

Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine in the first trailer for 'Logan'

by Relaxnews

The official trailer has been released for upcoming Wolverine movie, "Logan."

Set in the future after the loss of the X-Men, the film sees Hugh Jackman return for the third time as Wolverine, also known as Logan, while Patrick Stewart reprises his role as Professor Charles Xavier.

Despite Logan's fading healing abilities and Xavier's Alzheimer's, the pair come together to defeat Nathaniel Essex, with the help of a young girl named Laura Kinney, a female clone of Wolverine.

Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, and Dafne Keen also star.

See the trailer here:

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Oct 19

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser promises more of the same

By Eli Glasner

Hit play on the mixtape: the Guardians of the Galaxy are back for what looks to be another riotous space romp in a new teaser trailer released by Marvel Studios on Wednesday.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 picks up with the title's gang of ruffians having defeated Ronan the Accuser and now investigating the mysteries of Star-Lord's lineage.

Former horror director James Gunn delivered a film that didn't take itself too seriously, while packaging the movie's outer-space action with a DayGlo colour scheme and welcome dash of optimism. Starring Chris Pratt as the cocksure space smugger Peter Quill/Star-Lord, the movie also helped cement the former TV actor's movie career.

This new teaser promises more of same. Back is that groovy '70s soundtrack, with Blue Swede's Hooked on a Feeling backing the fresh footage. Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket the Raccoon and even a tiny Groot (Awwwww!) all make an appearance.

But the question remains: can writer-director Gunn hit the same irreverent notes that made the first film stand out?

Watch the trailer and see what you think:

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Oct 18

Leonardo DiCaprio to produce superhero film Captain Planet

by Jacob Stolworthy

Leonardo DiCaprio has set his sights on a film about a world-saving superhero named Captain Planet who exists to fight against 'environmental evils.'

Based on TV series Captain Planet and the Planeteers which aired from 1990 to 1992, the film will tell the story of five youngsters from around the world who are given magic rings to control natural elements until they can summon the titular character.

The script, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is being penned by actor Glen Powell and writing partner Jono Matt and will take place years after the series with Captain Planet now a 'washed-up has-been who needs the kids more than they need him.'

DiCaprio is a keen environmentalist so it's no wonder Captain Planet would be production company Appian Way's first foray into the superhero genre. The reigning Best Actor Oscar-winner was recently in London to promote documentary Before the Flood which saw him meet with scientists and activists to discuss the dangers of climate change and possible solutions.

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Oct 16

Weekend Box Office: 'The Accountant' Wins With $24.7M; 'Kevin Hart: What Now?' Ties for No. 2

Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick in a still from 'The Accountant' (image courtesy Warner Bros.)

by Pamela McClintock

Underscoring Ben Affleck's star status, The Accountant topped the North American box office with a better-than-expected $24.7 million from 3,332 theaters after being snubbed by many critics but embraced by moviegoers, who awarded it an A CinemaScore.

The Accountant, directed by Gavin O'Connor, is good news for Warner Bros., which spent just under $40 million to make the adult fall drama.

In the action-thriller, Affleck plays a whiz accountant (and assassin) who cooks the books for mobsters and cartels. When he's targeted by the Treasury Department, he goes to work for a company he thinks is on the up and up. Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons and John Lithgow also star.


The big winner overseas was director Ron Howard's Inferno, a sequel to The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons that's based on Dan Brown's bestselling book series. Tom Hanks reprises his role in Inferno, which earned an estimated $50 million from its first 52 markets. Sony reportedly kept the budget to $75 million, half the cost of Angels & Demons, released in 2009.

Another popular star fared well at the box office - Kevin Hart. Universal's stand-up comedy pic Kevin Hart: What Now? opened to $12 million domestically from 2,567 theaters, tying with fellow Universal title The Girl on the Train for the No. 2 spot and coming in ahead of the $10 million debut of Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, which went to become one of the top-grossing stand-up comedy pics of all time in 2013.

What Now?, nabbing an A- CinemaScore, follows the final performance of Hart's wildly successful stand-up comedy tour at Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field in August 2015, along with a dress rehearsal. Hart's previous stand-up film, 2013's Let Me Explain, opened to $10 million on its way to earning $32.3 million domestically, the third-best showing of all time for a stand-up comedy movie.

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Oct 14

Fantastic Beasts: JK Rowling hints at Dumbledore return

Eddie Redmayne in a scene from 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' (image courtesy PA / Warner Bros.)

JK Rowling has hinted the character Albus Dumbledore will feature in future films in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series.

The author has already revealed she has planned scripts for a total of five movies in the franchise, the first of which is released next month.

Speaking about the film at a fan event in London, Rowling said: "We do talk about Dumbledore and Grindelwald."

It is not known who would play the role of Dumbledore in future films.

Richard Harris, who died in 2002, and Michael Gambon have previously portrayed the character in the Harry Potter films.

Speaking at the same event, director David Yates said: "We can't tell you too because we'd have to kill you all, but we do mention Dumbledore and he features in a wonderful scene between Colin [Farrell] and Eddie [Redmayne].

"Grindelwald does feature in the background and is going to become a much more prominent feature moving forward," he added.

In the stories, Dumbledore and Grindelwald were best friends but their relationship broke down decades before the events of the first Harry Potter book.

Continue Reading at: BBC

Oct 13

Rowling to conjure five 'Fantastic Beasts' films for Potter fans

By Piya Sinha-Roy, Reuters

Author J.K. Rowling said that the Potter spinoff movie franchise "Fantastic Beasts" will consist of five films, up from the previously announced three.

"We set a trilogy as a placeholder because we knew there would be more than one movie, but ... we're pretty sure it's going to be five movies," Rowling told participants in London gathered at a fan event.

The British author of the best-selling "Harry Potter" books was a surprise addition at a question-and-answer event with the "Fantastic Beasts" cast in London and Los Angeles that was broadcast across the world.

The news was welcomed by excited screams from the audience, while the cast, including Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne, looked surprised as they heard it for the first time. The films will be released by Warner Bros, a unit of Time Warner Inc.

A 4-minute "Fantastic Beasts" featurette shown at Thursday's event finally hinted at the wider plot of the film that has so far been under wraps.

The planned movies, designed as prequels to the Potter stories, will trace the rise of a powerful wizard named Gellert Grindelwald and his eventual 1945 duel with Albus Dumbledore, the popular wizard headmaster from the Potter stories.

"We're talking about the first time a wizard rose and threatened the world order. This was always where I was interested in going. This is what I wanted to do," Rowling said in the featurette.

Continue Reading at: Daily Mail

Oct 11

'Hellboy 3' could be shelved for good

Ron Perlman in a still from 'Hellboy' (image courtesy Sony)

by WENN.com

Actor Ron Perlman has given up pestering director Guillermo Del Toro to move forward with another Hellboy sequel, because they are both too busy.

The Sons of Anarchy star tackled the title role as the giant red demon in two action movies, both shot by filmmaker del Toro, and Perlman has been eager to reprise the part of the comic book superhero one last time.

However, after years of campaigning for his pal to pull the trigger on a third instalment, he has finally come to terms with the fact his dreams for the project may never be realized.

Speaking at New York Comic-Con over the weekend, the actor admitted the topic doesn't even come up in discussions with his frequent collaborator.

"We don't talk about that anymore," he told fans, according to ScreenRant. "Because he's busy, and I'm busy. Maybe one day hes going to call and say, 'Hey, let's do it'. But for right now? We're happy discovering new worlds to conquer."

The original 2004 film was made on a budget of $66 million and grossed $99 million worldwide, with its 2008 sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army making back almost double the initial investment of $85 million.

While there may be no Hellboy project on the horizon, Perlman and del Toro have continued to enjoy a good working relationship, recently reuniting for upcoming animated series Trollhunters, on which the actor voices the character of Bular.

Continue Reading at: Toronto Sun

Oct 10

Daniel Craig hints at James Bond return: 'If I can keep getting a kick out of it, I will'

Daniel Craig at the New Yorker festival this past weekend tells the crowd 'There's no other job like it' (image courtesy Getty)

by Catherine Shoard

Daniel Craig has lent weight to theories he will return to the role of James Bond, following a year of intense speculation.

Speaking at the New Yorker festival over the weekend, Craig, 48, told the audience: "I've got the best job in the world doing Bond. The things I get to do on a Bond movie and the type of work it is, there's no other job like it."

His enthusiasm is in contrast to the sentiments expressed shortly after shooting ended on the most recent instalment. Asked then whether he would like to return to the part, Craig declared that he would "rather slash my wrists""rather slash my wrists".

By contrast, Craig declared to the crowd in Manhattan: "I love this job. I get a massive kick out of it. And if I can keep getting a kick out of it, I will."

His words chime with those of Bond executive producer Callum McDougall, who told the BBC recently that franchise chiefs Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson were hoping for the return of the actor, who was "absolutely the first choice".

But Craig denied that he had been offered $150m for two movie instalments a report already widely debunked. "There's no conversation going on," he said when questioned about the figure, "everybody's just a bit tired."

Continue Reading at: The Guardian

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