DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2014-11-25

Genre: Action/Adventure

Sub-genre: Comedy

Director: Joe Carnahan

Stars: Patrick Wilson, Jessica Alba, Brooklyn Decker, Ed Helms, James Badge Dale, Ray Liotta, Chris Pine, Matthew Willig, Ryan O'Nan, Mindy Robinson, Kevin Bigley, David Hasselhoff

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: The director of Smokin' Aces brings you into the world of Kevin Stretch, a Hollywood limo driver with a dark past. When Stretch is in need of quick cash to pay back his debts to a notorious gangster, he takes a job with a billionaire client in hopes of a big payday. His client's eccentricities soon escalate into a wild night of adventure, sex, and danger which begins to make the fate of returning to the mob empty-handed seem reasonable.     Source:

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