Hunt to Kill

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2010-11-09

Genre: Action/Adventure

Director: Keoni Waxman

Stars: Steve Austin, Eric Roberts, Gary Daniels, Gil Bellows, Emilie Ullerup, Michael Hogan, Michael Eklund, Marie Avgeropoulos, Donnelly Rhodes, Adrian Holmes, Brent Stait

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: When Jim's (STEVE AUSTIN) teenage daughter is kidnapped, he's forced to lead a band of ruthless killers into the wilderness to retrieve their share of a missing heist score. In order to rescue his daughter, Jim must use his unique brand of survival skills to outsmart the kidnappers before it's too late. HUNT TO KILL is an action packed adrenaline rush about a man operating on his most primal instincts to save the one thing he's willing to die for - his daughter.     Source:

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