Lucky (2011b)

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2011-10-11

Genre: Comedy

Director: Gil Cates Jr.

Stars: Colin Hanks, Jeffrey Tambor, Mimi Rogers, Ari Graynor, Ann-Margret, Adam Harrington, Tom Amandes, Heather Marie Marsden, Fernando Lara, Meghan Strange, Allison Mackie, Dana Daurey

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: Ben Keller (Colin Hanks) has just won the Iowa State Lotto. The catch? The winning ticket belongs to Leslie Singer, the dead girl in his closet. With $36 million now at his disposal, Ben has the newfound confidence to pursue his life-long crush, Lucy St. Martin (Ari Graynor). But can all the money in the world compensate for the fact that Ben is a fledgling serial killer? As their relationship spirals out of control and the body count rises, Lucy and Ben do all they can to survive love, marriage, and each other.     Source: Phase 4 Films

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